Mason Sedation Dentist

Gentle care for tiny smiles

Stress-Free Visits

Ensures a relaxing experience for anxious children.

Pain Management

Minimizes discomfort during dental procedures.

Efficient Treatment

Allows for multiple procedures in one visit if needed.

Safe and Controlled

Monitored by experienced professionals to ensure safety.

Our sedation options for kids

We understand that every child is unique, and their comfort is our priority. That’s why we offer a range of sedation options to suit different needs and levels of dental anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide

A mild sedative that helps children relax during their dental procedures. It’s administered through a small mask over the nose, and its effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed, allowing children to resume normal activities shortly after the procedure.

General Anesthesia

For extensive dental procedures or for children who cannot tolerate treatment conventionally, general anesthesia is available. This sedation puts the child completely to sleep, providing an environment where multiple procedures can be completed safely at one time without discomfort or anxiety.
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What to expect during your child’s sedated dental visit

  1.  Consultation to choose the best sedation option.
  2.  Instructions on eating and drinking before sedation.
  3.  Continuous monitoring by our trained dental team during treatment
  4.  Gentle and compassionate care throughout the treatment.
  5.  Recovery in our comfortable, supervised environment.
  6.  Detailed post-care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery at home.

If your child is nervous about dental work, don’t wait. Contact us now at (513) 770-1450. We’re ready to help your child have a positive and pain-free dental experience!

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Paying for smiles made easy!

At CVD Kids, we have many ways to ensure your child's smile stays bright and healthy. You can choose from our easy payment options:

  • Cash
  • CareCredit
  • Checks
  • Credit card
  • In-office financing
  • Office savings program


We team up with most PPO insurances to help you pay for your child's dental care. Our friendly team will give you a detailed explanation of your benefits and assist with any potential extra expenses.

Hear from our happy moms and dads

Absolutely wonderful experience. My 8-year-old son always looks forward to his cleanings with the dentist—great environment and great work!

— Fils M.

This place is wonderful. The dentist and the assistants offer excellent customer service! They’re very knowledgeable and keep a professional and clean office.

— Lane K.

Professional staff and outstanding dental work. From cleanings to major dental work, their team does a great job.

— Anne M.

Fun-filled dental appointments

Our office is equipped with fantastic features guaranteed to put a smile on your child's face, including:

  • NNoise-canceling headphones
  • NWeighted comfy blankets
  • NEngaging TV shows
  • NAn awesome play area

We're here to make your child's dental experience as fun and enjoyable as possible!

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Let's keep those little smiles shining!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sedation are available for children?

We offer everything from mild nitrous oxide to full general anesthesia, depending on the child’s needs and the extent of the dental work.

Is sedation safe for my child?

Yes, sedation is safe when administered by our certified and experienced dental professionals. We follow strict guidelines and perform a detailed pre-sedation assessment.

How long does recovery from sedation take?

Recovery time varies depending on the type of sedation used but typically ranges from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Can my child eat before sedation?

We generally recommend that your child not eat or drink anything for several hours before sedation. We will provide specific instructions based on the type of sedation used.

What should I bring to my child’s sedated appointment?

Bring any comfort items that might help your child relax, such as a favorite toy or blanket, along with your child’s medical history and any necessary forms.